La solidarité féminine de Paris

La solidarité féminine de Paris


This page is about random persons, their encounter with Frenchness and the sistership of Paris.

Kissing the big business or “I love you, please eat me!”

ParisPosted by Andreas Jangmo 16 Oct, 2010 11:57:48
For a cold Swede that meets a half catholic French community where obscene exhibitions can be restricted for persons below 28 years, it can be shocking to discover the way people kiss in Paris. Forget all butterflylips that briefly meet on Pont Neuf or at any other of the countless places apt for romantic engagements. It's time to really show how deep you are in to the other person.

One that seems to be a classic, is to sit down in the still green grass with the women in you lap(?) and entangle yourselves as much as possible, a bit like you can imagen that two octopussies would hug. A bench by the Seine could also work, but be careful Then open your mouth and stretch out that red piece of meet as long as you can and then just let the fiest begin! Let the world know who you are having for dessert!

Well, let us not forget another classic: The couple that walks gently on the sidewalk and suddenly, in a burst of desire, the MAN jumps out of the prehistoric mud and takes the leap and transforms himself into passion itself, pushes his beloved up against the wall. She looks maybe a bit surprised, but it might be part of the act and looks to the sides; "what are people going to think?" And then he delivers the goods and half a minute later they stroll on...

If love were measured by these standards, of how physical each person tries to be to the other person when engaged in kissing, then Paris really is the city of love. If not, then maybe it is something else, like the city of the last hope; when talking does not save your relationship, maybe if you show everyone a meaty kiss, it will.

We should of course also put in a little footnote at this point, just before putting a dot in our conclusion. It might be the case that it actually is not the French that are into these activities. It might be tourists that through all times have specialized in misunderstanding the national character throughout all nations of this world...