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Tales of the Surface

Spring 2009, new to come

Tales of the SurfacePosted by Cynthia Perez Estrada 2008-10-19 12:33:52

Just when i thought that fashion was starting to become static, and maybe too robotic, with all those models looking all the same, one after another,
i heard "i want to see uniqueness, i want to see individuallity, i want to see wrinkles, that someone fake will go, and real will come" - Alber Elbaz, commenting for Tim Blanks, on his Spring 2009 collection for Lanvin.
And with this statement, maybe the new old days for fashion to come?, an individual look, special, not ordinary, that´s what all of us want.
That thing about fashion, its dinamic rythm, that makes a day more interesting if you reshape it with what you wear, boring goes away.

-- Cynthia Pérez Estrada

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